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Houston Legal Assistants Association

Board of Directors

The Houston Legal Assistants Association has 21 Board positions. The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association and manages, controls and directs the affairs and property of the Association. The Board consists of voting members of the association. There are eight Board of Directors who are elected officers and thirteen Board of Directors who are appointed officers by the President. The elected officer positions include: President, President-Elect, 1st Vice-President - Membership, 2nd Vice President - CLE Luncheons, 3rd Vice President - Public Relations, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Parliamentarian. The appointed officer positions include: Career Development Chair, CLE Chair - Seminars, Educational Liaison, Employment Relations Chair, Ethics Chair, HPLA Chair, Newsletter Chair, ProBono Chair, Professional Certification Chair, Social Chair, Ways and Means Chair, and Immediate Past President.

The Board of Directors meet monthly at HLAA’s offices, submitting reports on developments and progress of their Committees.

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These meetings are an exchange of ideas and plans for HLAA’s continued growth and development. The Board makes recommendations for amendments to the Bylaws and policies of HLAA along with implementing the goals outlined by the President planned for the year.